Conversation with Girls

Adolescent age or ‘teen age’ as it is popularly known is a crucial period especially for a girl. The physiological and anatomical changes taking place in the body are poorly understood and many a times she is unable to understand ‘why these changes?’ and due to social and family circumstances, she fails to share with her near ones, even mother too! Though plenty of materials are available in the literatures and media, many are not having access to them due to the fearexploitation, shy and ignorance.  The changes in physical appearance, genital organs and onset of menstruation in adolescent age of girls are mainly due to hormones. These physiological changes are unknown to a school going girl, due to limited knowledge, her approach also changes and she feels shy to express. She can’t share the physical and mental problems to anyone due to lake of knowledge and awareness, even many mothers are also ignorant on these issues, and so the knowledge of adulthood becomes essential, especially in today’s world.
The need is of good friends who teaches the science behind these changes in female body and gives solutions for their queries, correct their misconceptions and make them feel safe, happy and healthy and accept the adulthood more confidently.

Taking leads in this direction, the So the goal behind these lactures for adolescent girls is to give her scientific and proper knowledge about her changed age and changes in genital organs and make them more confident to live happily.

Intake Capacity: 25 to 300 per batch
Finance for the Project
This course will be organized on donation/sponsorship based in government and non government schools/colleges.

02 hours (2 lectures of 1 hour each per batch) interactive teaching program with audio-visual aids for school going girls and for college girls it will be 04 hours (2 lectures of 1 hour each and 1 lecture of 2 hours per batch) interactive teaching program with audio-visual aids.

  • School going girls from 8th to 10th standards.
  • College girls.
    Outcome of Training
      At the end of the specified periods of teaching and training the participants will be well-informed of anatomy and physiology of their own body which is responsible for thephysical andmental changes in particular period of life.

      They will be able to identify between normal and abnormal and to take decision about requirement of medical consultation on any abnormal condition.

      With the knowledge of normal female life cycle, they will be able to live stress free and healthy life.

    As per programme decided.

    * Tentative Course Date

    As per programme decided.

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